Pro každý zverimex, myčku aut, veterinární kliniku, bytový komplex nebo jakýkoli druh podnikání má Dog Wash jiný význam. Někteří Dog Wash nabízejí jako doplňkovou službu, jiní s Dog Wash začínají nový byznys. Zeptali jsme se několik majitelů Dog Wash, jaké jsou jejich zkušenosti.

Patrick VermeulenPetshop owner

We already have installed 4 iClean Dog Wash machines. We’ve paid off our dog washes and are about to order another one. The dog wash blew us away in the revenue it produces for us.

After our first dogwash was installed, we experienced an enormous growth of new clients, that not only washed their dogs, but also bought dog related items.​

Mark NieuwenhuisMobile Dog Wash

We have installed the Dogwash XL model in our mobile truck and go on the hunt for dogs ourselves! We visit all kind of different events in the Netherlands, looking for large crowds or animal related events. So far a huge success and a great journey!

Chau NguyenGrooming Salon owner

We ordered the XL model a few months ago, so we could handle bigger dogs better. The response of our clients is amazing! Clients keep coming back regularly and we have a lot of new clients as well. No regrets at all so far!

Patrick van den BergCarwash owner

We have installed an iClean Dog Wash one year ago so clients that are waiting for their car to be washed can wash their dogs in the meantime. We did not know what to expect in the beginning, but it turned out a great success! And beside the positive response of our clients, we almost earned  our investment back already!

Gerard VitteGarden Centre owner

“People love the iClean dog wash! It is a great extra addition to our Garden Centre. We chose the iClean Dog Wash because we feel it is the safest equipment out there and it is really easy to clean and you don’t see the mess unlike other systems out there.”

Jacques HerbulotOwner of multiple carwashes

“The iClean dog wash was a perfect addition to our car wash sites and a nice expansion to our business model. This new service gives us an extra revenue stream from our existing customers and gives us the opportunity to attract new customers.”

Aysun KayaPet Shop Manager

“We have already paid off our dog wash machine and are about to order another machine. The iClean Dog Wash blew us away in the extra revenue it produces for us."

Hans van ZijlCarwash owner

“The iClean Dog Wash is setting the standard in the dog wash industry and offers by far, the best dog wash system in the market. Since adding the iClean Dog Wash to our car wash, we have extra revenue, new customers and have completed up to 25 dog washes in one day!”

Sarah WilsonPetshop owner

“The kids love it! It makes the washing a fun event!”

Yaffa Atlan Petshop owner

“I have owned an iClean Dog Wash for two years. It has proven to be a perfect addition to our pet store. I would not hesitate recommending the iClean Dog Wash as THE source to contact for a Dog Wash machine.”

Tamar MoshePetshop Owner

People love the iClean dog wash! It is a great extra addition to our business. We give away a free wash when you buy a big bag of Dog food. When you compare the margin on the dog food to the cost of a wash (less than $1): perfect cross-selling!  ”