5 Things To Do To Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy in Summer!

5 Things To Do To Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy in Summer!

You may not be aware, but summer can bring dangers to the well-being and happiness of your dog. We have come up with a few things you can do to keep your dog healthy and happy.

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1) Fleas

They are annoying little creatures that make your dog’s life a living hell. They are responsible for causing allergies and skin infections in your dogs. This happens when the fleas start rapid reproduction due to the warmth of the summer months. Even if you are getting your dogs treated for fleas every month, it is a good idea to check them every week for improvements. Look on their tail and belly button for any signs of fleas. Even if you find just one flea, you must take immediate action.

2) Water

Dogs require a lot of water during the summer season. You must place a large bowl of water that must be refilled every day after cleaning. Keep as much as a litre of water for each kg of dog (if your dog weighs 20 kg then keep 20 litre). This may look like overkill but it is better to have something and not need it than not having something and need it. If you are unable to get home for around three days due to some emergency, your dog will not be able to survive. Dogs can go on for weeks without food but will not survive even two summer days without water. By filling up enough water, you may save their lives.

3) Shade

You must ensure that your dog has sufficient shade during the hot summer months. If they are indoors in air conditioning, then it is fine. If they are left outdoors, ensure that they have enough shade. Preferrably a big tree over any man-made structures, which will heat up under the sun. You may even keep them under the house or in the basement, as these places are always cooler.

4) Watch out for Snakes

Snakes come out of hibernation as it starts warming up. When they are out of hibernation, they are starving and are desperately looking for food. Anything that gets in their way will get bitten. Any smell of life/food is inviting to them. They are incredibly brave during this period and will stop at nothing.

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To avoid such a tragedy from happening, keep your dogs on a leash when you take him out on walks. If you tie them outside your house, there is nothing much you can do other than rushing out if you hear them barking to ensure that there is no snake.

5) Shed weight for summer

By losing excess fat, they will be able to cool down faster. We can sweat to lose heat, but dogs are different. They need to pant to los excess heat. Panting is very inefficient. By shedding weight, they will be able to lose heat faster. Lean dogs have much lesser volume so they will lose heat quicker. Also, ensure that you don’t take them out for walks during the hotter times of the day to keep them safe from overheating.

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