What Do Dogs Really Need

What Do Dogs Really Need

Dogs are excellent team players. They require more than treats and friendship to thrive. Take note of the points mentioned below to ensure your canine is content, secure, and satisfied.

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What do they actually want?

Other than juicy steaks and endless treats they have a significant list of things that would make them happy, secure, and satisfied.

What are they?

As they cannot make a list, it’s our responsibility to make a list of things based on what makes them happy as canines living in a human world. Mentioned below is a list of things that we have come up with to point you in the right direction.

Great Health

Your dog must be kept in excellent physical condition in order to give them the gift of a long happy life. You can begin by feeding them the right food as advised by your veterinarians, in the right quantity, and at the right intervals couple with a good exercise routine. You must take them to veterinarians regularly to get them vaccinated. You will then have a healthy dog.


With the mind of a two-year-old and the physical ability of Olympic athlete, puppies are like a blank canvas that needs the right set of guidance from us to create a pleasant pet. With the right guidance, they will learn to focus, acquire basic etiquette, and attain control over themselves. Without these essential traits, they can be a total nightmare. Puppies that are taught the rules are much better than those left to themselves to figure everything out.

The Right Kind of Socialization

Puppies need to interact with other puppies, dogs, and new people as frequently as possible to learn essential social skills. Dogs are tribal in nature, as they only get along with only those people and animals that they are accustomed to, or with the individuals who represent no detectable risk. This is the reason why they must be socialized properly at a very young age. If it is not done properly, they may turn out to become a nuisance.

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Dogs have immense energy. If this energy is not pointed in the right direction, it can backfire in the form of transgression issues. Dogs have a need to solve problems, investigate, evaluate their surroundings, and take actions by applying their senses, brain, and muscles to feel content and satisfied. It is your duty to ensure that they get a chance to fulfill these needs.


Dogs have the need to feel part of a pack or a group with their own territory, mission and character. This is a part of who they were meant to be by Mother Nature so you must honour it. As the pack leader, you must invoke a sense of solidarity and cooperation when you are around your dog.

Earned Praise

Dogs that are praised for a particular behaviour will keep repeating that same behaviour to keep getting praised. When you just praise them randomly without any reason, they will train you instead. For instance, if your dog barks and asks for food from your plate when you are eating, and you feel sorry and give it to them, then they are training you to share your food when they demand it. This reversal of role can turn out to become problematic, as it will contribute to a pushy behaviour. To avoid such problems, keep the upper hand by providing him opportunities to earn praise.

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