How to get your dog to love bath time?

How to get your dog to love bath time?

Perhaps one of the most vital aspects of owning a dog is to keep them groomed. Like human beings, dogs also require a routine clean up session to stay healthy and happy. Though dogs don’t require daily bathing like us, but there must be a regular routine maintained in the cleaning process of your pet dogs. Does your pet hate bathing? For, when your four-legged friend shows a distaste for the bathing session, it indeed becomes a struggling aspect for you.

how-to-get-your-dog-to-love-bath-time (1)how-to-get-your-dog-to-love-bath-time (1)

How can you make a point to ensure that your pet starts loving it? It might seem an impossible venture, but this is absolutely possible, especially if you consider the bathing session as the bonding time with your pet. The very first thing that you should keep in your head is that you must change the whole routine and set up in accordance to your dog’s likings and preferences. Let us find out some of the strategies that can help your dog develop a love for its bath time.

Rushing is a Big NO

You might be having a hectic schedule and sparing a time out for your dog’s bath is a challenging task, especially when your pet doesn’t cooperate with you in this regard. As a dog owner, you have to keep in mind that no matter how busy your schedule is, you need to relax and only take initiative for the bathing session of your four-legged friend, absolutely when you can completely focus on him without any rush.

How about taking a walk first?

It has been found that whenever dogs feel exhausted or tired and hot, they crave for taking a dip in the water. Why don’t you take this as an advantage? You have to make sure that every time you are planning to bathe your dog, you take him out for a nice walk before that. Henceforth, you don’t have to struggle much later on during its bathing time, for urging your pet for a bath.

Make the time fun-filled

When you don’t find any positive changes in your dog’s behavior for bathing, it is hard to feel optimistic about the whole aspect. But you shouldn’t lose hope and change your opinion and take the session as a play time. Try to include all the fun elements that your pet loves to spend time with and you will see the changes in your dog’s attitude as well during the bath. Bathing won’t be a struggle for both of you anymore.

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Stay calm and bring in positivity

Have your experienced your dog’s resilience during bath time? This has definitely given you the experience of the ordeal it takes and naturally you can communicate well with your dog’s body language and energy. So, you need to stay calm and focused and approach the bathing session with a positive energy every time.

Start young

Developing a liking for bath must be incorporated in your puppy from its younger days. This helps the puppy to slowly learn the process and also get used to it. When you start young, your puppy adapts everything faster when compared to the learning of the same thing at a grownup stage.

Balance the water temperature

You have to understand that very warm water is not a good element for your pet dog. It is suggested that lukewarm water should always be used while bathing your dog. As a dog owner, you have to make sure that proper care is taken and thereby the water used should be of perfect temperature, so that your canine friend can enjoy it.

If you feel like hiring a dog trainer, you can go ahead and hire an expert. It might sound silly, but maybe one bathing session from a dog groomer, will bring a huge difference in your dog’s health and pet behavioral attitude.

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