Grooming: 5 Signs Your Dog Needs a Bath

Grooming: 5 Signs Your Dog Needs a Bath

Trying to understand how and when to take your dog for a bath is often difficult. This is so, as dog bathing( Dog wash )frequency depends on several factors: how much time the dog spends outdoors, its breed, its age and if there are any medical conditions associated with the dog etc.
The truth is how and when you wish need to bath your dog, will change throughout the whole year.

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Here are some of the most accepted dog bathing pointers:

If your dog has the “dog smell”

An unusual odor on your dog, can often be linked to a problem with the dog’s feet, ear, mouth or even with the anal gland. The odor coming out of the skin of any dog is often linked to a disease, such as a yeast infection. So any dog having a “doggy” smell should be taken for a check-up with a veterinarian.

The dog rolled on something that smells and smells bad

It’s obviously right. This is in fact one of the foremost reasons why most dogs are bathed. If your dog has rolled around on things or places that smell, your dog needs a bath right away.

The dog has dandruffs

Dandruff on your dog’s coat may be caused by irritated, oily or extensively dry skin. However, all these conditions can be altered by bathing the dog with a good shampoo. Check with your dog’s groomer or veterinarian and after determining the cause of your dog’s ill-health, choose the right shampoo. Bath your dog and get your dog fit and healthy once more.

The dog has mites, lice or fleas

Shampooing is one of the best ways to get your dog get rid of external parasites. PH balanced shampoo clean and conditions the coat of your dog. It also fights against mites, lice or fleas. However, always make sure to consult a veterinarian for diagnosis before you decide on your corresponding treatment.

Your dog is suffering from allergies

It helps to reduce the itching feeling for your dog, by bathing him regularly. Especially if he is suffering from allergies. It has been observed that an oatmeal shampoo, or a hydrocortisone based shampoo works best under these conditions. Hypo-allergenic shampoos are often recommended by a veterinarian for dogs that are suffering from allergies.


Always remember to use only shampoos that are formulated for dogs for bathing your dog. As human shampoos have different pH levels, they do no match the shampoos that are manufactured for the canines. After shampooing always remember to rinse your dog thoroughly. It has been noticed that shampoo residues often irritate the dog’s skin.

Apart from fatty acid supplements that help bring luster on your dog’s coat, brushing the dog also is one of the best ways to take care of your dog’s skin. Always remember to brush and remove the mats before taking your dog for a bath.

Start bathing your dog right from the time when they are young. This helps in getting them used to getting bathed, as it grows up.