Some basic home Remedies for Dogs

Some basic home Remedies for Dogs

1. Worms: How does one know the type of worm affecting his or her dog? to know about this, you must first learn how worm infections are identified and why treating them as quick as possible is important.

2. Fleas: These little parasites can hop on your dog while it’s taking a walk in the streets or even in your own compound. Apart from causing a lot of itching and irritation, fleas may further lead to harmful infections.


3. Mangy dog:Mangy refers to a wide variety of mites that can take up refuge in your dog’s fur. Avoiding these parasites completely is ideal, but at times, mange mites end up in your dog’s fur no matter what you do.

4. Obesity: This is one of the primary health conditions that a dog may face if it is fed more than it is exercised. If your dog is in the overweight section, you’ll need to get him exercising regularly. He may even need to go on a diet.

5. An active dog is a healthy dog except when it comes to the painful encounters with the dangers that lurk in the open outdoors. These can include plants, like foxtails, and some animals like porcupines. You may not have known that these plants are known as foxtails, but you’ve probably seen them. They are spiky, bristly grass that sticks itself to your dog’s fur and can even prick through the skin. If worse comes to worst, these cuts can lead to an infection which may sometimes even be fatal. Fighting with a porcupine is also extremely dangerous, and some dogs never learn not to mess with them.


6. Dogs that love running and playing outside can also end up with sunburns as well as sore feet. Our canine companions don’t have the luxury of comfortable and supportive shoes on their adventures. Even though a dog’s paw pads are tough, they’re vulnerable to getting scratched, scraped, burnt and more. Dogs can also get sunburns, especially for the breeds with a short fur coat. And Dogs cane also likes to take bath (Dog Wash). Have you ever considered applying sunscreen to your dog’s skin just like we do on your own?

If and when your dog is ill, you’ll do anything in your power to speed up its the recovery process. There is so much you can do at home to bring them back to good health, including taking care of his meals as well as physical activity. If the dog needs medication, there are many tricks for persuading him to take it.

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